Sunday, December 30, 2012

Thrifting in Salt Lake City

Hat from Target, Blouse by F21, Skirt by Asos, Boots by Miss Mooz via Nordstrom

After living in Utah for a few years, I've come to discover my two favorite vintage stores: Misc and Decades. I stopped at Decades over the weekend and found a beautiful 50s era cream coat, an early 60s era green dress, and a plaid dress that can only be described as the 70s approach to the Victorian era. The plaid dress will need a bit of work, but a good vintage piece is impossible to pass up, at least for me. It feels like fate: something that someone once cherished enough to keep for a long time, until eventually it found its way into a shop, and then into my hands. It's a little bit of history, a little bit of love.


Saturday, December 29, 2012

Outfit Sketch #1: New Year's Eve Wear

Shirt by Old Navy, Sweater Vest by YesStyle, Dress Pants by H&M, Socks and Belt by Uniqlo

This is my idea of New Year's Eve wear. I'd like to think I'd wear this for a New Year's Eve house party with close friends and family. I'd probably throw in a silver blazer and tie to fit the New Year's spirit more. I imagine the house party would be held on some sweet SF rooftop. We'd be munching on lovely hors d'oeuvres before the clock strikes twelve and we all commence in the annual kiss at midnight. That is, if any of us has someone to share it with. You know, cause the entranders keep it classy and only share moments like these with real deserving folk (aka we'd probably be the only ones without boyfriends).

Happy New Year's folks!


Friday, December 28, 2012

Thoughts: A Place to Call Home

It's strange having two homes. In a way, it's a lot like not having one at all. I don't exactly belong to just one place anymore. A huge (and insane) part of my life now belongs to the foggy Bay up north, while a much greater part of me will always belong to the warm and sunny L.A. area. And nothing reminds me more of this than when I go back to visit my hometown. My roots. My comfort zone. What will always be my true home even with the years to come.

As I'm now on winter break, five hours away from the chaos of school, I can't explain how nice it has been to be home for the holidays. After finishing up what has without a doubt been my most stressful semester yet, the fact that I'll be home with my family for another month leaves me at such comfort and ease. And no matter how long it takes me to come back, or how far away I end up, I know I'll always have a place back here to call home.

I hope you all have a special and cozy place to call home this winter season. Take care and stay warm!


Thursday, December 27, 2012

Little Brother

Because we're eleven years apart, I can't say that I have much in common with my brother, nor can I say I see him all that much since I've left for college. However, this Christmas I was able to hang out with him for a bit and it really was fantastic seeing that goofy, gap-toothed kid again. 

These are all photographs from our last trip to Disney World: two from waiting in line, and the last at Epcot. Obviously, his patience for pictures has a limit.

Friday, December 21, 2012

Outfit Entry #2

Blazer by COS, Polo by Lands End, Chinos by Gap, Desert Boots by ASOS.

Neutral colors have become some of my favorites recently. Anything that looks classic, even borderline preppy, is what I find myself liking more and more these days. While I normally like to throw in a random color combo into my outfits, every now when I don't feel weird by overly matching, I like to dress all neutral.


Thoughts: On Hair

Hair is a weird, weird thing. Really, it's just a mass of dead cells. As a girl who once had a lot of hair, however, I can say that it is easy to get attached to those dead cells. Now, when I say I had a lot of hair, I mean I had a LOT of hair: it was super long and super thick (whenever I dyed it the colorist charged me double). That scene from The Princess Diaries, when Paolo says, "Your hair...ees like a wolf" was the story of my life. In high school, my friends would stick things in my hair when I wasn't paying attention, so that all day long pencils and erasers would be constantly falling out of that beastly mass hanging from my head. But my hair was part of my identity. I didn't realize that until my sophomore year of college, when I donated eleven-ish inches of hair to Locks for Love. I went to a shindig for the Arts Department that night and I felt like a man. I couldn't find a balance: my masculine clothes made me feel boyish, and my feminine clothes made me feel too precious. Now, nine months and four-and-a-half inches after The Haircut, I've learned some interesting things. When my hair was long, I never brushed it and people would always ask me how I did my hair. When it was short and I didn't brush it, people would ask me if I was late that morning. Long hair can be braided easily or put up in a ponytail no problem. Short hair...can't. Long hair takes a year and a half to dry. Short hair dries with a gentle breeze. Long hair will make your neck ache. Short hair will not be a place for pencils and stray birds to nest. There are pros and cons to both. Ultimately I've decided that I'm just more of a beastly kind of girl, but I enjoyed my time on the shorter end of things. 


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Outfit Entry #1

Shirt by J. Crew, Blazer by Gap, Jeans by BDG, Boots by Target, Hat by Vera Wang x Kohls

I've always been a big fan of mixing materials; I love contrast. For this outfit, however, I attempted my version of what has been lovingly, or sometimes unlovingly, referred to as the Canadian Tuxedo. Looking at these pictures makes me sad--not because of the jean-on-jean, which I've decided I actually quite like--but because these are my favorite boots and they are fading fast. I am currently on a mission for some black, vegan boots, but this is not as easy as you would think.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Favorite Things: 10 Things


1. My favorite movie would be a tie between The Artist and Roman Holiday, with Fantastic Mr. Fox, Jane Eyre, and The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (because I can't just pick one) rounding out my top five. Also, Coco Before Chanel, Food Inc., The Tree of LifeGod Grew Tired of Us, Midnight in Paris, Jiro Dreams of Sushi, Sunset Boulevard...boy, do I love movies.
2. I like to read The Great Gatsby every summer. 
3. Nothing brings me more joy than travel. My favorite place in the world is Paris.
4. Contrary to popular belief, I am not Japanese. I am half-Venezuelan.
5. My nickname is the President because I ruled the Art History Association and the Vegetarian Club with an iron fist. Kidding. Sort of. When I was younger, my nickname was Pocahontas, which sounds much more pleasant. 
6. I have a weird obsession with facial hair. 
7. I love personal style. A lot. And I love to wear things on my head.
8. The Smiths, Fleet Foxes, Bob Dylan, James Newton Howard, Johnny Cash, Local Natives, and the Beach Boys are on constant rotation, among others. 
9. Sasquatch and I share similar shoes sizes. 
10. I hate tater tots more than anything. They really are the creepiest food of all time.


1. I love going to restaurants that serve foods with names I've never heard of.
2. Most of my friends exist in books.
3. I can't swim!
4. Stationary and school supplies are a serious matter for me.
5. Some of my favorite books include The Picture of Dorian GrayPaper TownsWhite Teeth, and The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao.
6. I love listening to Camera Obscura, Sigur Ros, and Andrew Bird.
7. I'd define my personal style as classic prep with a bit of a messy, slouchy mix to it. I never try to think of my style too seriously. I'm still learning!
8. I hate coffee more than anything in the world, yet I drink it more than anything else.
9. I'm a huge dog person and I hate cats.
10. Boat shoes are always a plus.