Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Outfit Entry #5

Trench coat by Gap, Dress by ?, Pants by Abercrombieyeahonceshoppedtherewhatever, Boots by Target

In my youth, my mother once told me that she wouldn't get me a trench coat because I would never wear it. For those who might think the same, let me assure you that trench coats are one of the great joys in life. They are great for a noncommittal relationship in which they provide warmth while also remaining very light, and provide a great neutral. Sometimes I pop the collar and pretend I'm an extra from Casablanca.


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Teach For America

Being a senior and all in university is hard, mainly because I get asked everyday what my next plans are after I finish, when I'm not even finished yet. Heck, how about I'll let y'all know when I find out for myself? Because to be honest, I don't have a clue!

But if university taught me anything, it's confronted me with the toughest fact to face: which is the topic of privilege. That is, how I'm, in a lot of ways, completely and totally privileged  while in some other ways, not at all. And it is because of this full understanding I have of myself that I now feel the need, more than ever, to give back to others before I can even consider "what's next" for me.

I full-heartedly believe one of the biggest problems (if not the biggest problem) our country faces today is the seriously disturbing, widening educational gap in our K-12 system. And this is why I'm applying for Teach For America.

Tomorrow is my final interview! Nervous. Excited. Grateful to be at this finish line.

Wish me luck!


Monday, February 25, 2013

A Happy Birthday Post

What could be a better way to start off the week than by wishing my pal/amigo/adventure companion a happy 21st birthday! In the words of a movie that I can't remember, "Today, you are a man."

I love that you get stuck with me in the dangerous mountains of Los Angeles.
I love that you will always talk to me about clothes.
I love that we can go anywhere, even though people probably think I'm your mom.
I love that you are graduating already, a year early. Hot Dang Boi! P.S. I feel like I ask you all the time but I still can't remember how you did it.
I love that we can say, "I need to marry someone just like you!" because it is the truth. 
I love that we are both half-South American. Viva Sudamericano!
I love that we will be friends forever and ever. 
Even though I wish we were the same shoe size so we could do swappies, and even though I wish we were closer, I am still eternally devoted to you. Here's to the happiest of birthdays!


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Favorite Things

Untitled #8

1. I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I never listened to Simon and Garfunkel because of their name (Garfunky. Ahem). This weekend while traveling to the Oregon coast, I gave their Greatest Hits a good, hard listen and now I have to say that their music has changed everything. Their lyrics are so in depth and poetic, and their harmonies are perfection. If you aren't already devoted to El Simon and Funky, listen to "The Boxer."

2. At my internship, I've been trying to teach kids to draw inspiration from patterns. Looking closely at the details of shells has given me new appreciation for the patterns that are created organically in nature. Nothing is more beautiful than what can come from the depths of the sea.

3. Ugh. Look at this beautiful thing. Yum. Damelo por favor. Ahora.


Favorite Things (Kid)

(As my 21st birthday is next week, I thought I'd remind myself of all my favorite things that are still considered for 'kids'):

1. Avatar! Okay, if you haven't seen this, I honestly urge you to go watch it right now. It's not a cartoon for kids. It's so much more and smart and cool and you just have to see it to know what I mean. I'm a huge nerd for this show and Aang is my favorite.

2. Orange Juice. It's for everyone, right?! No? ... Oh okay. Well, I'd much rather party with orange juice than anything else. Even if this is my 21st and all.

3. Bike. So, though I still barely know how to ride a bike, I've been wanting to get one for so long now, it's ridiculous. Maybe for grad school? It's not very practical for Berkeley.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Roses are red

Violets are blue
I've been working on this internship for hours. Helppppp me.


Update Post: Comments!

In case y'all haven't found out yet, The Entranders has officially launched our comments feature on our blog. (omg y'all did whaaat?!). We know, we know. We can't help but do some pretty outrageous things every now and then, and we apologize that it's hard to keep up. But now there's no excuse!

Leave us a comment. Drop us a friendly hello. Heck, even tell us how your day is going. We love hearing from our readers and that means you too! 

Thanks for all your lovely support. Happy Wednesday!

Gentre and Gent

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Outfit Sketch #5

Trench Coat by Uniqlo, Sweater by Uniqlo, Trousers by H&M, Shoes by New Balance

It's been super duper cold up in Berkeley the last few days, which means rain and wind blowin' all up and down my face, shoes, shirt, and other places where the weather does not belong! Therefore, for this Outfit Sketch, I'd like to give my idea of an outfit I'd wear when the weather is all out ridiculous. I mean, let's be real. Just because the weather looks bad, it doesn't mean you have to be too... (oooh burn!). I'm kidding, I'm kidding. (or am I?).


Monday, February 18, 2013

President's Day

I hope everyone had a marvelous President's Day, and did all sorts of presidential things, like writing important documents, practicing speeches, or taking advantage of the online President's Day coupons. I paid tribute to my country by spending the weekend on the coast, where I ate so much that I couldn't move for several hours and took pictures of strange people that I didn't know (above). God Bless America!


Friday, February 15, 2013

Favorite Things

Untitled #7

(Last week I was ridiculously sick. This is what got me through).

1. Orange Blossom tea from Teavana. This stuff is amazing, and it will make your cupboard smell like some sort of exotic paradise. Drink it. Now.

2. NETFLIX. I think I got a little bit carried away with my cold and started to imagine that I was someone tragic heroine just hours from death's door. I compensated by watching a lot of dramatic, moody, and excellently-scored BBC shows like Wuthering Heights (Tom Hardy's lips!) and North by Northwest (WATCH IT. WATCH IT! Sexiest hand holding ever).

3. At the moment, I'm finding this equal parts challenging and rewarding.

Favorite Things #6

(For what is probably my most random post yet, here are my current addictions.)

1. I am not a hat person, but lately, I've been dying to get lots of random, patterned hats. In all honesty, some of my favorite ones don't match my style in the least bit. But, you like what you like, right? Yeah ... I don't get it either.

2. Root Beer. (Whaa! You like Root Beer?!) And to answer that question my good friend, yes, I do. I love me some Root Beer. Though I'm not a big soda guy, for some reason, Root Beer just fixes all my troubles.

3. YOGA. Do I really need an explanation? I've been forcing myself to go more than I ever have in previous semesters and it's literally turning into one of my favorite new hobbies. If you've never tried it before, go now. Like ... right now. Get up. Go. Bye!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Valentine's Day poem for you

In celebration of Valentine's Day (aka Single-Awareness-Day), I thought I'd share with you all one of my all-time favorite poems from E. E. Cummings, "if everything happens that can't be done" (1944). I love how he breaks the rules of grammar, punctuation, and meter, all while talking about the common rules of love, youth, and how we all fit into the two.

Whether you have someone special to share the holiday with, or if you're like me and will be kickin' it with old friends and stuffing yourself with pizza and sappy chick-flicks, I think this poem is a nice reminder that love means different things for all of us, comes at different times, and different forms. My favorite line is the end, when "one times one" can be interpreted in so many ways for each of us.

I hope you all can take a moment out of your fun-filled holiday and see how my Valentine's Day gift to you fits into your own idea of love. Enjoy!


"if everything happens that can't be done
(and anything's righter
than books
could plan)
the stupidest teacher will almost guess
(with a run
around we go yes)
there's nothing as something as one

one hasn't a why or because or although
(and buds know better
than books
don't grow)
one's anything old being everything new
(with a what
around we come who)
one's everyanything so

so world is a leaf so a tree is a bough
(and birds sing sweeter
than books
tell how)
so here is away and so your is a my
(with a down
around again fly)
forever was never till now

now i love you and you love me
(and books are shuter
than books
can be)
and deep in the high that does nothing but fall
(with a shout
around we go all)
there's somebody calling who's we

we're anything brighter than even the sun
(we're everything greater
than books
might mean)
we're everyanything more than believe
(with a spin
alive we're alive)
we're wonderful one times one"

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thoughts: Valentine's Day

I've never had particularly strong feelings towards the fourteenth of February: I don't think it's just a day blown up by card companies to increase business, nor do I think the life of relationships should depend on it. However, years of my mom decorating my room and laying out little gifts and cards has lead to my mostly pleasant disposition towards the holiday. Today I Skyped my old friends and my grandma made cookies and overall I feel pretty happy with the universe. Tomorrow I will call my Mom, pamper myself with OPI's A Oui Bit of Red and Excuse-Moi, and watch some corner of Netflix that I haven't discovered yet. I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine's Day and remember that you are loved!  

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Outfit Entry #5

Outfit #5

Jacket by H&M; Sweater by Uniqlo; Trousers by H&M; Boat Shoes (Sperry Topsiders)

So I know mine and Gentre's visit to Griffith Park was a while back (check it out here), but I never got to share a more detailed post on my outfit of the day. I really like this look because of how casual it is, yet still has enough effort to make it look sleek. I like dressing in all neutral colors at times, and even though Gentre was dragging me up the much-too-steep hills of the classic park for our yearly workout, at least I looked cool and comfortable. And that's more important than being fit, right? ... Right.


Monday, February 11, 2013

Outfit Entry #4

Shirt by J.Crew, Dress by ?, Pants via Nordstrom, Boots by Michael Kors

When it comes to clothes, I can be a bit of hoarder. That doesn't mean that my closet is full of forgotten things or mistakes, but that I hate to throw anything away when it can be useful. I love the idea of building and incorporating within my wardrobe. I bought this dress my freshman year of high school, and I still use it to mix things up.


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Notes from my notebook

I started a notebook last year back in September, which I titled The Unwritten Scribbles & Scraps. In it, I jot down random quotes, doodles, ideas, favorite things, or favorite moments that happen. I try to fill it in frequently, though since I've started, I've only gotten through a few pages. It's fun though to look back and see what speaks to me.

My professor from last year said everyone should carry around a little notebook where they write down things. He said it'd help you pay more attention to your surroundings and be fully attentive to all you do. And I agree! Y'all should try one out.


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Eating Food: Andino

The iPhone pictures are no good, but this restaurant is ridiculously amazing. The best of tastes, textures, and art (I mean, look at those colors). In my quest to eat my way around the globe while living in the states, I can now say that I am a huge fan of Peruvian food. This has made me so jazzed for my trip to Peru in April, but for anyone happening to be in the surrounding Portland area, this is a must.


Friday, February 1, 2013

Favorite Things


Untitled #6

(For this Favorite Things, I've decided to highlight two of my favorite commercial inspirations).

1. Zooey Deschanel for Oliver Peoples. With the spy/investigation plot, this commercial seems like a great preview for some incredibly stylish movie (or a modern remake of Charade). The glasses are great, the clothes are to die for. Watch it here.

2. Miss Dior Cherie directed by Sofia Coppola. This entire commercial is like one insanely delicious and addictive creme puff. Brigitte Bardot's "Moi je joue"  (which sits pretty high in my iTunes playlist "Vive le France!"), the clothes, the bicycle, the streets, the balloons, the pink, the dress, the sunglasses, the macaron shop. I wish this was my life. You will too after you watch the director's cut.


Favorite Things (4)

1. Sigur Ros. Since high school, Sigur Ros has been one of my all-time favorite bands. I've seen them live once at Outside Lands this past summer and I just bought tickets to see them again this coming April in San Francisco! So worth it.

2. My Instax instant camera is definitely one of my favorites. It's so nice to share such special moments on an instant camera like this and I love bringing it whenever I go somewhere really cool.

3. I use this Fred Perry messenger bag for school sometimes and it's just so preppy and cool and I can't get over it. Fred Perry just gets me.