Monday, February 25, 2013

A Happy Birthday Post

What could be a better way to start off the week than by wishing my pal/amigo/adventure companion a happy 21st birthday! In the words of a movie that I can't remember, "Today, you are a man."

I love that you get stuck with me in the dangerous mountains of Los Angeles.
I love that you will always talk to me about clothes.
I love that we can go anywhere, even though people probably think I'm your mom.
I love that you are graduating already, a year early. Hot Dang Boi! P.S. I feel like I ask you all the time but I still can't remember how you did it.
I love that we can say, "I need to marry someone just like you!" because it is the truth. 
I love that we are both half-South American. Viva Sudamericano!
I love that we will be friends forever and ever. 
Even though I wish we were the same shoe size so we could do swappies, and even though I wish we were closer, I am still eternally devoted to you. Here's to the happiest of birthdays!


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