Friday, February 15, 2013

Favorite Things

Untitled #7

(Last week I was ridiculously sick. This is what got me through).

1. Orange Blossom tea from Teavana. This stuff is amazing, and it will make your cupboard smell like some sort of exotic paradise. Drink it. Now.

2. NETFLIX. I think I got a little bit carried away with my cold and started to imagine that I was someone tragic heroine just hours from death's door. I compensated by watching a lot of dramatic, moody, and excellently-scored BBC shows like Wuthering Heights (Tom Hardy's lips!) and North by Northwest (WATCH IT. WATCH IT! Sexiest hand holding ever).

3. At the moment, I'm finding this equal parts challenging and rewarding.

Favorite Things #6

(For what is probably my most random post yet, here are my current addictions.)

1. I am not a hat person, but lately, I've been dying to get lots of random, patterned hats. In all honesty, some of my favorite ones don't match my style in the least bit. But, you like what you like, right? Yeah ... I don't get it either.

2. Root Beer. (Whaa! You like Root Beer?!) And to answer that question my good friend, yes, I do. I love me some Root Beer. Though I'm not a big soda guy, for some reason, Root Beer just fixes all my troubles.

3. YOGA. Do I really need an explanation? I've been forcing myself to go more than I ever have in previous semesters and it's literally turning into one of my favorite new hobbies. If you've never tried it before, go now. Like ... right now. Get up. Go. Bye!

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