Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Silverlake and Griffith Park

As promised, here is the full showing our adventures a couple weeks back. Though I am back at school again (for my last semester ever!), and Gentre is out of California again, adventures like these during my breaks make coming back to school okay. At least I got to see all I wanted to of L.A. while I was back at home.

We first visited our favorite, hippest-of-the-hip place, Silverlake! We love Silverlake because everyone is out-there and dresses truly to their own tastes (i.e. 1970's mustaches, bell-bottoms, and Lady Gaga wanna-be's). They also have really cool thrift shops and novelty stores. Vegan, organic, and cheese restaurants, on top of many other quaint little shops line the main street, making Silverlake that much more inviting.

Around sunset, we made our way up to Griffith Park's observatory (our home away from home) and then set off to hunt down the long-lost zoo that the park used to have back in the day. Though, now it's just an old zoo grave yard with dead and rusted animal cages that will creep you the heck out at night.

During one of our adventures, Gentre and I also went to Griffith (again!) to see the city lit up at night, reminding us that much more why we love our L.A. roots.