Friday, January 25, 2013

Favorite Things

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1. I don't think I can say I'm a true Bob Dylan fan because I don't care for anything beyond Blonde on Blonde, but I just love that sweet harmonica sound.

2. Ummm...besides the fact that this was an overwhelmingly tear-jearking film, I'd like to acknowledge that this guy was the hottest Enjolras I've ever seen. Actually, everyone in the movie was hot. Those wigs and high-waisted pants make me go crazy.

3. I have this umbrella. I love it so much that sometimes I even use it when it's not raining. I just pretend that I can't understand that people are saying that it's perfectly sunny outside. My vaguely-German accent is flawless.

Favorite Things (3)
1. Postcards. I love sending postcards! Or even letters too. I used to love sending my family postcards as a kid and I wish more people still sent them.

2. Pitbulls! I am definitely a proud papa of a pitbull. His name is Roy (Roysie) and he is the sweetest, cutest, fatest puppy I could ever ask for. It's really sad that pitbulls get such a bad rap. If you're a crazy dog lover like me, I totally recommend adopting a pitbull someday because they're the best!

3. Mmm! I can't get enough of avocados. I'll eat them with just about anything and I just love how easy they are to find in California. Definitely one of my all time favorites.