Friday, January 18, 2013

Favorite Things


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1. Plaid. When you watch a little too much Clueless, and you have a little bit of resentment that your private school never made you wear that chic-looking uniform, and you find an old plaid blazer in your mom's closet that you can swear is almost an exact replica to a plaid jacket that ZARA has currently in-store, you start to see in glorious, glorious patterns. 

2. When you're up in the air, Angus and Julia Stone will make you so happy to be on a "Big Jet Plane."

3. I last flew out of the Bob Hope Airport, which has a pretty great collection of retro aviation photography. I've always loved flying, and I am especially fond of the history behind it.


Favorite Things (2)

As it's that time for me to head back to school again, I thought I'd share with you all my favorite things for school:

1. Herschel backpack. I got this backpack last spring and I'm still in love. It has such a timeless and classic look to it, transforming any student into a classy gentleman (or gentlewoman).

2. Sperry Topsiders have been my favorite shoes since long before college. Though they now seem to be the go-to shoes for most college guys, especially all you preppy frat boys, it still is one of my must-have, favorite things for school. Pair them with a sweet oxford shirt and trousers, and you're all set in my book.

3. My absolute favorite things for school have to be my Moleskine notebooks. I'm a bit of a freak for school supplies and these babies are mainly the reason why. I take notes for my classes in these and they're so durable and classy. I know they'll last me forever. (drooling).