Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Little Rant

Today I was downstairs when my grandparents started watching American Idol. Now, I understand why people watch that show. It does give some people a lot of wonderful opportunities. However, some country singer did "If I Can Dream," which is one of my very favorite songs ever. She butchered it. There was no emotion, no passion, no feeling at all. Here is Elvis' classic performance from his '68 comeback special. You be the judge. But to me, sucking all the soul from a song is offensive to the very heart of the music spirit.

That got dramatic.

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Kirsten said...

I had similar thoughts last weekend while covering a pageant for the paper. Often, the entertainment is a girl singing to a soundtrack. Rarely does it sound like anything more than karaoke. While many people can sing a song, in order for it to be something noteworthy, it needs passion and soul behind it.