Friday, March 22, 2013

Favorite Things

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1. If you are a student, ASOS is giving 25 percent off through Friday! I ordered this adorable bag, and I only feel 75 percent guilty.

2. Ummm, have you had fresh baked cranberry-and-chocolate-chip scones? I just had some and they might be the greatest thing to eat. Ever.

3. I'm cycling through all BBC series on Netflix. My latest favorite is Call the Midwife, which is equal parts engrossing, tragic, heartfelt, bicycle, and good hair. That didn't quite make sense, but it really is a great show. I'm really sad I finished it and I'm wondering what to watch next. Any suggestions?

Favorite Things 9

1. I'm obsessed (obsessed!) with these American Apparel T-shirts. They carry tank tops and sweaters with American flags too. I've been wanting one for forever, but it's never going to happen when American Apparel insists on selling way over a poor college student's budget.

2. Birkenstocks. Don't judge me; I live in Berkeley. Obviously my taste and my judgement is going to get a little filtered. (Or maybe I just hangout with too many hippies.) Either way, I'm fine with it. I lurrrve these!

3. When I move back home to L.A. come May, I won't have a car to get me around. While I've been looking into bikes or just getting a bus pass, I also can't get around the idea of buying my first car (on my own!) now that I'll be done with school. My eyes have been on the Volvo c30 for a while now, along with the Mini Cooper. But I guess I should probably start looking for a job first, huh? Yeah...

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