Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Walking Dead

The middle of midterms probably isn't the best time to get hooked on a new show, yet alone fall in love, but it seems I have done both. 'Oyyy vey'. If you have not seen The Walking Dead, go watch it now. It's okay--don't feel too dumb. I didn't know about it either like a week ago, but now I can't imagine my life without it. (kidding). But without Glenn? (definitely not kidding there). It's this post-apoptalycic show about blood-thirsty zombies and these awesome people who stay alive as some of the very few people left 'alive' on Earth. Glenn, pictured above (three times actually hehe), is obviously my favorite. He's the coolest, cutest, and most badass asian evarrrrr. Just go watch it, like it, and agree with me.


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alex ford said...

i agree! it is the silliest show and yet i am addicted too! i cant stop watching it! glen is an awesome addition to the group.